Why I Love and Hate Fall in North Carolina — Jamie Pittman

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Greetings from Oak Island, NC! My brother, his girlfriend, and I came down to see my parents for the weekend. It’s always a nice time, but it goes by really fast.

It is starting to feel like fall in North Carolina!


I do love this time of year, but at the same time, I hate to say “goodbye” to the summer. I love the summer and just sitting on the beach with a book. I could do it for HOURS.

Speaking of hours, I am already missing longer days. I used to be able to read on my patio at home until 8:45 pm at one point during the summer. Now, at 6:30 pm I’m struggling to see.

However, it is nice to take a walk and not have to sweat profusely. I love the cozy feeling of fall and it’s chilly mornings and nights. I love all of the fall offerings at Trader Joe’s.

This week was fairly uneventful. I’m slowly getting more comfortable with my change in weight. I think I am going to keep my macros where they are for another week and then maybe increase a little bit more. Next week I’ll be posting my progress pictures, and I’m really curious to see if my body looks any different from last month with gaining a few pounds.

It’s important for me to keep in mind that I lost weight before, and I can do it again. I need to enjoy the moment. Enjoy having more flexibility to eat and enjoy food, versus the sometimes rigidity that comes with trying to lose weight.

Accountability for Weight Loss: Weekly Weight Average & Goals

Weekly Weight Average: 146.5lbs

Last Week’s Goal: Get a minimum of 20g of fiber daily.

I’ve been circling back on goals that I have tried to hit consistently (ie drink 120 ounces of water, etc) as I have not been lately. I will keep this up!

Next Week’s Goal: Drink 120 ounces of water daily.

I feel like I still need to focus on this one! Tracking it has been difficult, but I’ll do a better job of it this week.

Daily Macro Goals

Protein: 130g

Carbohydrates: 170g

Total Daily Calories: 1,758 calories

Workout: Yoga, Stretching, or Meditation Daily; Weight Training 4x/Week; 30min Bike or Run 1x/week

Steps: 13,000/day

Originally published at https://jamiepittman.com on September 28, 2020.

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