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Accountability Check-In: September 7, 2020

It has been a great, but exhausting week!

Last week was my first week at my new job, and waking up earlier to get things done. It’s amazing how different I feel waking up when the sun is shining versus when it’s still dark out! But- I did it!

I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes because you get up much earlier than 6 am, but I’ve spent the last several months getting up naturally with my dogs at about 7 am. It is WILD to me how much of a difference it makes. I have definitely been going to bed earlier.

I think I am going to continue to wake up at 6 am, so I can try to get as much as possible done before I get my workday started. I am so much more productive in the morning, so having an extra hour really helps!

My new job has been great and I am so excited for what is to come with this opportunity. Everyone was very warm, welcoming, and willing to help. I am really hopeful that this will be a company I stay with for a long time!

I am proud to say that I was published in two different publications this week. Most of my posts that I publish here, I also publish on Medium. An article I wrote was featured in one of their publications, Better Programming and I was also featured in GirlCode. It definitely made me feel pretty cool!

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that I decided to get a new mattress. It is funny the things that become exciting as we get a little older.

My old mattress was using was approaching its end (I’ve had it for close to 7 years), and I decided to splurge on an adjustable bed. I’ve been thinking about getting a new mattress for a while and read that the summer holidays are the best time to buy. I got a great deal and 2 years financing with no interest! Thank you to Mattress Firm on Glenwood Avenue and Talos for their help!

Last night was my first night sleeping in it and I loved it! My lower back has been hurting me and having the ability to adjust the end of the bed so my back is supported is awesome.

Finally, I am excited to say that I paid off my car! Outside of my mattress, I am debt-free again.

Accountability for Weight Loss: Weekly Weight Average & Goals

My weight is up about 2 pounds since I have been writing this blog. I am not thrilled, but 2 pounds is really not a big deal. It seems like a bigger deal to me because it took me an entire year to lose 10 pounds.

I am continuing to reverse diet, which is probably going to generate a few extra pounds because I’m eating more. For me, I need to focus on my measurements and how my clothes fit to stay motivated and sane.

Weekly Weight Average: 145lbs

Last Week’s Goal: Wake up at 6 am Monday thru Friday.

Accountability for Weight Loss: Monthly Stats

For better or worse, my measurements have remained the same over the last 3 months. There’s not a ton of difference between my photos from last month, other than I have a tan.

In addition to taking my pictures and measurements, I also try on shorts and pants that I bought a few months ago to make sure that they still fit.

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Left: August 2020 / Right: September 2020
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Left: August 2020 / Right: September 2020

Next Week’s Goal: In bed by 9 pm.

Daily Macro Goals

Protein: 130g

Carbohydrates: 165g

Fat: 60g

Total Daily Calories: 1,720 calories

My lower back has been hurting me and I think it might be due to running, so I am going to pivot on my workouts and get back to lifting weights.

Workout: Yoga Daily; Weight Training 4x/Week; 30min Bike or Run 1x/week

Steps: 13,000/day

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Originally published at https://jamiepittman.com on September 7, 2020.

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Developer, writer, athlete, & master of some. My blog: jamiepittman.com — Subscribe! Connect w/ me on IG: jamie_lyn_pittman & LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/34DbEtf

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